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My Little Beauty - Les huiles de CBD que vous devez tester huages


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Huages ​​Awakening Oil

Aka breakfast friend. Like this oil full spectrum (meaning it contains extracts of ALL the hemp cannabinoids that make CBD much more effective) is made with hazelnut oil, it just tastes like a spread. So. Do you really need to know more? We don't believe it, but we'll tell you anyway. You can put it in your salad dressings or your slat (as vegetable milk contains fatty substances, the oil mixes perfectly with it). Otherwise three drops under the tongue do the trick perfectly. And if your skin is tight, you can even put it on your face to heal it. It even seems that she treats Covid (no, we're kidding, that's totally false).

CBD Oil Awakening 10ml - 5% CBD, Huages

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