CBD, its effects and benefits

Le CBD, ses effets et bienfaits huages

Thursday, November 19, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union judges the ban on the marketing of CBD extracted from Hemp by France to be illegal. This molecule has no toxic, psychotropic or addictive effects. It is only restricted legal access that has until now prevented scientists from fully studying and sharing its benefits.

The imperative today is to make this natural molecule accessible to as many people as possible in order to overcome everyday ailments that traditional medicine is not capable of relieving.

How does CBD work in the body and what are its benefits?

The endocannabinoid system is a regulatory system of many physiological functions of the body essential to help you find balance whatever the situations. These cellular receptors are found throughout the body, allowing neuroprotection, recovery after stress, immune balance, and the body's adaptation to external constraints. CBD acts on these receptors by catalysis (it accelerates the regulatory function) by interacting in particular with systems involved in the transmission of pain. It has an affinity with serotonin and endorphin which act against anxiety and mood disorders.

Thus, CBD helps with adaptation and increases beneficial changes within your body. In the evening, CBD helps stimulate your system by offering you restful sleep while it gives you energy during the day or when you play sports. With its active effects on the body, this substance helps manage several inconveniences of daily life:

  • Stress: because CBD catalytically regulates the level of serotonin production, which has the effect of soothing the body and fighting stress more effectively.
  • Insomnia: CBD makes it easier to fall asleep and prepares the body for restful sleep.
  • Pain: through an inhibiting action on the body's receptors, CBD makes it easier to tolerate and reduce pain. Several studies demonstrate its effectiveness on chronic pain – such as fibromyalgia – or even migraines, painful menstruation or osteoarthritis. Encouraging results from the use of CBD in the context of palliative care or during chemotherapy are also notable.
  • Muscle recovery and preparation: Authorized in the context of sports practices and during competitions, CBD has interesting effects in this context. Taken before physical exercise improves concentration, increases energy and acts as a stimulant without inducing the undesirable effects of caffeine or theine. Its effects on the nerve receptors responsible for pain make it possible to better manage it and thus improve sports performance. A natural regulator of certain body mechanisms, CBD also has excellent anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties.

Why are we talking about full spectrum CBD?

In Hemp, terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids have been listed.

Terpenes are the precursors, that is to say they enable the regulation reaction by CBD to be triggered in our body. Terpenes are present in many plants and essential oils already sold on the market. Flavonoids have recognized antioxidant properties.

CBD is called full spectrum when it includes these molecules. We speak of the “entourage” effect because CBD combined with these molecules provides a more powerful effect than what it could produce alone.

How to navigate all the CBD properties and oils?

This is where Huages ​​operates, we inform customers about each of our products. Although all beneficial for pain, stress, sleep, anxiety, general well-being as well as physical performance, our job is to teach you how to determine more specific and targeted uses for each oil. To do this, we combine CBD with other beneficial oils. You will find specific and detailed explanations in the descriptions of our REVEIL, RÊVE, and PURE products. Do not hesitate to look at our FAQ, it is very complete and will answer many of your questions.

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