HOLISSENCE - Escape in a few drops with Huages ​​CBD oils

HOLISSENCE - Lévasion en quelques gouttes avec les huiles de CBD Huages huages

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Relaxation, sleep aid… CBD is a natural solution to combat stress. This is why the young French brand Huages created CBD oils. Indeed, their objective is to respond in a natural way to the problems of stressful active lives. Their mantra? Relax, soothe pain and regulate your body naturally with a product made in France. In short, feel good and stay relaxed throughout the day!

Intended for in&out application, they have the particularity of being mixed with other natural oils to contribute to the well-being of the mind, the body but also the skin.

And that's not all, these CBD oils are also delicious. They definitely have it all!

A trio of women at the head of Huages

Behind Huages ​​hide three women separated by a decade. City dwellers, they share a similar daily life often synonymous with hyper connection, overactivity, stress and anxiety. Real enemies of everyday life, these states prevent them from feeling relaxed and peaceful during the day, concentrated at work, sleeping peacefully or having full confidence in themselves.

During a discussion, Hélène, Juliette and Elise embark on the crazy challenge of creating their premium range of natural CBD-based products in order to respond to these problems in a natural way by fighting against stress, chronic anxiety, insomnia, migraine…

In&out use to benefit from the multiple benefits of CBD

The molecule present in hemp, CBD, has proven virtues for physical and psychological well-being:

          • anxiolytic properties which help to contain stress and fight against sleep disorders.
          • relaxing properties which improve recovery after sport and help to avoid aches after intense effort.
          • an anti-inflammatory action which can help soothe period pain for example. CBD acts as a catalyst in the body and reduces the impact of pain. To do this, use the sublingual dose or place a few drops on your stomach near your ovaries!

To benefit from the extent of the benefits of CBD, oils Huages are designed for both internal and external use:

          • they can be used directly orally by placing a few drops under the tongue. The sublingual route allows the fastest action: the blood vessels present under the tongue directly absorb the CBD. The first effects of CBD can be felt between 5 and 30 minutes after taking it.
          • but also locally , that is to say by applying a few drops directly to the skin before massaging the face, muscles, etc.
          • or by incorporating it into recipes, massage oils or daily creams 

A trio of CBD oils with targeted benefits

Almond, hazelnut, plum… The three oils created by Huages all have a particular taste and additional benefits! They benefit from the classic benefits of CBD but also from enhanced virtues:

Hazelnut oil contains phospholipids, vitamin A and E as well as calcium, which will help to contribute to skin protection and deep hydration . To reduce inflammation, repair or heal, this oil promotes the regeneration of the skin's hydrolipidic film.

        • RÊVE , with plum oil infused with verbena and lemon balm

Ideal for overcoming insomnia and falling asleep peacefully , plum oil infused with verbena and lemon balm act in symbiosis to promote sleep and dreams.

Also an excellent anti-aging remedy , plum oil helps fight against external aggressions and pollution. It is very rich in oleic acid, a fatty acid naturally present in human sebum, so it will strengthen the hydrolipidic film of your skin. It helps calm irritations and deeply nourishes while respecting the microbiome.

        • PURE , with hemp oil

Hemp oil has nutritional benefits contributing to the balance of the cardiovascular system. Ideal for sports recovery ! It has the property of interacting with your body's regulatory molecules. Its antioxidant, analgesic, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties make it possible to optimize the recovery phase after exercise: the muscles relax and the pain dissipates.

Hemp oil is also great for helping with skin issues . It soothes skin irritations (rosacea, psoriasis, acne, eczema) thanks to fatty acids, notably omega-3 with anti-inflammatory properties. Regenerating, revitalizing, anti-wrinkle, its rich content of natural antioxidant vitamin E makes this oil an excellent anti-aging remedy. For dry and dehydrated skin, hemp oil has a composition similar to that of the skin's lipids, so it quickly penetrates the epidermis for a hydrating and nourishing effect.

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