Do Nothing Club - Huages: these drops that wish us well

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Living in the city where they are constantly in stressful and anxiety-provoking situations, Hélène, Juliette and Elise decided to create Huages, a range of natural products containing CBD, derived from hemp, very effective against stress, anxiety but also ailments such as than migraines.


According to a study dating of 2017, 9 French on 10 are stressed. With Huages , Helene, Juliet And Elise wish share of the products of high quality And natural For se feel soothed as in vacation, all the year. » THE CBD , Already very popular to UNITED STATES, East a molecule of hemp possesses of many properties : She reduced THE stress And help with THE troubles of sleep, She has of the properties relaxing helping has there recovery After THE sport but Also of the properties anti-inflammatories Who help against THE pain of rules.


There range East Today composed of three oils to concentrations of CBD And virtues different. They are At CBD said full spectrum » that's to say that others cannabinoids are coming surround » THE CBD For THE give back more effective. THE three oils can use oneself of manner external And internal : in application skin Or GOOD directly below there language Or In a beverage. YOU will be able to Thus enjoy of the benefits of CBD ally has there verbena And has there melissa with oil DREAM _

 Who YOU will help has falling asleep. YOU will be able to Also take care of your skin fragile, dehydrated Or blushing with oil AWAKENING has base oil of Hazelnut, Or Again enjoy of the benefits of oil of hemp with oil PURE . Made in France And vegan, these oils YOU will allow of YOU relax And enjoy of the benefits of this molecule Again unknown in France.

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