HOLLISSENCE - Matcha tea and CBD cocktails: where to discover these soothing drinks during the summer?

HOLLISSENCE - Thé matcha et cocktails au CBD : où découvrir ces boissons apaisantes pendant lété ?je huages

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We no longer introduce you to CBD, the miracle solution against stress present in many cosmetics and holistic treatments and sometimes mixed with adaptogenic plants for maximum relaxation!

CBD is also used to concoct delicious drinks that take advantage of its soothing properties. We tell you where to discover them in Paris during the summer. And if you're not in Paris, there's nothing stopping you from taking inspiration from it to make your own homemade CBD drinks using CBD matcha tea or CBD oils.

A CBD matcha tea for a soothing break at the Kind Yoga studio

Discover Rituel , the new CBD matcha tea from the CBD oil brand Huages . Available on the healthy menu at the very cute Kind Café , iced matcha will, for example, be the ideal drink for a summer breakfast or a relaxing break after a yoga class!

Enjoy the multiple health benefits of matcha tea, known as a “superfood”.

  • natural theanine helps with concentration, memory and improves mood
  • Antioxidants help fight aging and strengthen the immune system
  • the richness in chlorophyll helps eliminate toxins

And the presence of a fatty substance such as milk allows for the proper absorption of CBD and optimizes its relaxing effect.

Kind Yoga – 41 rue Beauregard, 75002 Paris

A CBD cocktail for a chill aperitif at Cali Sisters

Chill Basil , Sweet Punch , Summer Lemonade , Dream Tea, Kick-off Latte… With or without alcohol, the delicious Cali Sisters & Huages ​​CBD cocktails can be discovered à la carte with unapologetic Californian accents from Cali Sisters .

A few drops in their homemade drinks and we imagine ourselves under the palimers thanks to the relaxing and soothing effects of CBD oils. A bonus of well-being (anti-stress and insomnia, painkillers, muscle recovery) and chill to enjoy the summer!

Slow Life & Chill Vibes on the program!

Cali Sisters – 17, rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris

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