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ÉVASION —  La tablette de chocolat CBD et graines de chanvre caramélisées ÉVASION —  La tablette de chocolat CBD et graines de chanvre caramélisées
ESCAPE — The chocolate bar
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Le combo gourmand - Tablette de chocolat et Huile au choix Le combo gourmand - Tablette de chocolat et Huile au choix
Le combo gourmand - Tablette de chocolat et Huile au choix
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Food CBD: a 100% gourmet range

Edible CBD: what is it?

We have developed recipes from our oils, drinks, and hemp seeds to integrate CBD into your diet and preparations in a discreet way. When the delicious flavors of sweet or savory notes meet the benefits of hemp, the result is a range of desserts, CBD chocolate bars, to be discovered urgently on our site. Unique food products to soothe and relax you while giving yourself pleasure. To consume without moderation, because there is something for everyone!

Recipes resulting from collaborations

We like to reinvent indulgence by collaborating with other brands such as Carré Sauvage, La Maison du Mochi, Luna Création, to offer you CBD food products: unique flavors, quality French artisanal manufacturing, 100% natural formulas. . Our different formats, from chocolate bars to CBD mochi, are the perfect allies for your gourmet breaks or to accompany your coffee and other hot drinks. To enjoy alone, or with loved ones!

Why choose CBD in the form of food products?

To combine a moment of taste pleasure with the benefits of cannabidiol! Some people preferCBD oilsto place under the tongue, others prefer to benefit from the virtues of CBD through the flavors of chocolate, praline, hemp seeds, honey... It depends on taste. The ally to your diet is a gourmet solution to ingest your dose of cannabidiol, your dose of well-being and relaxation, and to vary your mode of consumption.

How is food CBD dosed?

The concentration of cannabidiol in our CBD food products is always ideal so that you have the recommended daily dose to benefit from the relaxing effect of hemp. It will therefore depend on the chosen treat, its composition, and its association with other natural ingredients, to awaken your taste buds.

The way food CBD works is simple: it is either already assimilated, as in our CBD treats (Lunes Douceurs, mochis, etc.) or it can be integrated into culinary preparations as in ourCBD recipes.

What are the benefits of edible CBD?

Consuming CBD in the form of a food product allows you to benefit both from the virtues of CBD but also from those of the other ingredients that make up our recipes. The benefits are for example:

  • For cocoa: the supply of antioxidants (ideal for preserving the health of your cells), helps with the secretion of serotonin (enough to increase your well-being).
  • For hazelnut oil: the contribution to reducing blood pressure through its dietary intake, helps to reduce inflammation thanks to vitamins A, E and calcium.
  • For cannabidiol: relaxation of the body, relaxation, stress reduction, improvement of sleep, anti-inflammatory effect…

The advantage of consuming food CBD during a meal or during a break, simplifies absorption by the body's tissues, which allows its relaxing effects to be increased tenfold.

Huages: the best CBD treats?

This is what is said among our most greedy customers. And for good reason, we work on creating real treasures that melt in your mouth, flavors that tantalize your taste buds. Our ÉVASION tablet, made in France, is one of our best-sellers. A content of 75% cocoa, mixed with caramelized hemp seeds... It's something to fall for!

Do you have questions about edible CBD? We are there to answer them! Discover the answers to the most common questions (our FAQ).

What are the benefits of CBD?

The benefits are multiple, both psychological and physical:

  • Allows you to soothe and relax
  • Works for better quality sleep
  • Relieves ailments (migraines, menstrual pain, etc.), helps relieve women who have endometriosis
  • Anti-inflammatory, it helps with muscle preparation and recovery after exercise
Is edible CBD legal in France?

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive and addictive compound, so it is not considered a narcotic (content less than 0.3% THC). It does not get you high, it does not alter perception or cognition. All our products are in accordance with French and European law.

Does edible CBD have side effects?

In the majority of cases, no adverse side effects are reported when taking edible CBD. Generally, edible CBD is well tolerated for normal consumption, because its dosage is controlled. However, some people may experience mild side effects, such as mild drowsiness or digestive problems.

Can edible CBD be given to children?

Be careful, this is not candy. In France, the consumption of CBD is not recommended for those under 18 years of age. We therefore advise you to avoid giving them CBD food treats and to consult a health professional for advice and support in your child's possible needs.

What are the forms of food CBD?

Edible cannabidiol offers creative freedom and allows the development of formulas and recipes to enjoy the benefits of CBD in all its forms. You will therefore always find a product adapted to your preferences: cakes, infusions, herbal teas, chocolates, drinks, CBD candies… and many others. There is something for everyone to vary the consumption of CBD. In addition, CBD oils can be added directly to your culinary preparations.