How to choose your CBD oil?

Comment-choisir-son-huile-de-CBD huages


You choose the taste that suits you for the oil to ingest or the oil that suits your skin type for cutaneous application:

WAKE UP to the delicious hazelnut taste, like a spread flavor when you wake up,
DREAM  with plum oil in which we have infused verbena and lemon balm leaves, like an infusion that you would take in the evening before going to sleep,
PURE is the traditional one, with hemp oil with a herbaceous taste.


You choose the CBD concentration that suits you: 5%, 10% or 20%.

Someone who has never taken CBD will be recommended to start with a concentration of 5% to 10%.

Namely 1 drop of 10% = 2 drops of 5%, you will therefore just have to adjust the number of drops according to your feelings.