The effects of CBD

You hear more and more about CBD and its benefits for the body and mind, but do you really know how it works? Hemp plant extracts are increasingly popular for their many virtues. However, some people sometimes have difficulty purchasing CBD oils or other cannabidiol-based products because they do not know what to expect when consuming them. To remove all your doubts and prepare yourself as best as possible, discover our practical guide on the effects of CBD.

Effects of CBD: health benefits

If taking CBD is particularly appreciated, it is first of all because it has positive effects on physical but also mental well-being. To better understand them, discover its 4 main virtues.

Anti-inflammatory effect of CBD

The consumption of CBD is particularly popular for its anti-inflammatory effects. The hemp plant thus acts directly on conditions linked to inflammation (such as arthritis, for example). It is also very effective in relieving everyday pain and chronic pain, such as back pain, joint pain, aches, migraines or even menstrual pain...

Reduced stress and anxiety

Among the most common effects of CBD is also the possibility of significantly reducing stress and anxiety. If you are an anxious person or you carry out stressful activities, taking CBD is an excellent way to soothe yourself and find a form of serenity.

Muscle recovery and preparation

CBD is increasingly recognized in the world of sport and bodybuilding for its beneficial properties on muscle recovery. After intense exercise, muscles may be sore and require recovery time to avoid injury. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to reduce muscle pain and speed recovery. Additionally, before a workout, taking CBD can prepare muscles for exercise, reducing the sensation of pain during exercise and increasing pain tolerance.

Help with concentration

In addition to its relaxing and calming effects, CBD may also play a role in improving concentration. In a world full of distractions, maintaining optimal concentration can be difficult. CBD, by regulating the body's endocannabinoid system, can help stabilize mood and clear the mind, allowing for better focus on the tasks at hand. Whether for studies, work or any other activity requiring sustained attention, CBD can be a valuable ally in improving concentration and productivity.

Improved sleep

Relieving your pain, reducing your stress and calming you down makes CBD an effective remedy for sleep disorders. If you're experiencing insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, or waking up a lot at night, trying cannabidiol products may be a good way to get back to more restful sleep.

Nausea relief

CBD also has interesting properties for people prone to nausea or vomiting. If you are following a medical treatment that has this type of inconvenience as a side effect, taking CBD is a very good way to counteract them and reduce your state of unhappiness.

How do you feel after taking CBD?

The most commonly experienced effect of CBD is that of a general feeling of relaxation. Most people report a regained mental calm and a pleasant form of well-being, a feeling of tranquility. Of course, the sensations experienced depend greatly on the type of product consumed and its CBD dosage.

How long does CBD oil last?

When CBD oil is administered under the tongue (sublingual), the effects can be felt quite quickly, usually within 15 to 30 minutes. When swallowed, for example in capsule form or mixed with food, the action time is a little longer, between approximately 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Does CBD make you sleepy?

CBD may have an effect on sleep, but it generally does not directly make you sleepy in the same way that some substances, such as sleeping pills, do. However, depending on the dosage consumed, drowsiness effects may be experienced by some people.

Can CBD get you high?

No, among the effects of CBD there is no state of euphoria or intoxication. So you are not going to “get high”. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not have psychotropic properties.

Does CBD work for everyone?

As with any consumption of substances of natural origin, the effects of CBD are not the same from one individual to another. Several factors will impact the way in which people will experience the action of cannabidiol: individual sensitivity, the person's state of health, the concentration of CBD in the product, the method of administration, etc.

How long does CBD's effect last?

Most of the time, the effects of CBD are felt for several hours. If you wish to benefit from its virtues continuously, it is possible to repeat your intake several times a day (while respecting the recommended dosage).

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