Methods of using CBD

Les-modes-d-utilisation-du-CBD huages

Opt for our CBD oils and discover how to use them to take care of your inner and outer well-being.


For rapid action, place a few drops of our CBD oil under the tongue. The sublingual route allows direct absorption by blood vessels, offering effects felt between 5 and 30 minutes after taking. You can also incorporate a few drops into your favorite drinks or meals for absorption throughout the day during digestion.

By skin application:

Enjoy the soothing and relaxing benefits of CBD on the skin by applying it topically to the face or body muscles before a massage. You can mix the oil with a treatment cream or incorporate it directly into your culinary recipes for a versatile experience.

The skin benefits of our CBD oils:


  • PURE : Hemp oil is suitable for problem skin, reducing eczema and acne. This is a particularly restorative option.
  • WAKE UP : Hazelnut oil deeply hydrates, revitalizing the skin.

  • DREAM : Plum oil is ideal for mature skin, offering a natural anti-aging effect thanks to its antioxidant properties.