The RITUAL matcha tartlet, clementine and cream

Discover this delicate recipe created by chef Anne Bienvenu - Le Fermont using our RITUAL matcha.


Number of people: 4 to 6 tartlets
Preparation time: around thirty minutes
Cooking time: around ten minutes
Difficulty: easy

Kitchen equipment :

- Oven
- Baking tray + baking paper
- Rolling pin
- Round cookie cutter
- Mixing bowl
- Electric whisk
- Piping bag + maryse

Preparation steps:

- To make the shortbread tart base: mix by hand 1 egg yolk, 45 gr
cane sugar, 100 gr of T60 or T80 wheat flour, 1 tsp of yeast
chemical, 75 gr of semi-salted butter at room temperature and 1 tsp of
matcha RITUAL until a homogeneous ball is obtained. Roll out the dough
with a rolling pin (approximately 5 mm thick) on a baking sheet lightly
floured then make individual tart shells using a cookie cutter.
Remove the excess dough from around the tart bases and place them in the
refrigerator for about ten minutes (this allows the butter to set and create
thermal shock during cooking). Preheat the oven to 180 °. Bake a
ten minutes, in the middle of the oven, until the tart bases are golden brown (they
will continue to harden at room temperature).
- For the filling: whisk 200 to 300 g of full-fat liquid cream
to obtain a firm whipped cream, lightly sweeten it with cane sugar
and add 1 tsp of RITUAL matcha. Pipe this cream onto the tart bases
cooled. Add small pieces of peeled clementines, you will have
need 2 to 3 clementines (depending on their sizes).

Enjoy your food !



Author of the recipe:

Anne is a home chef and caterer in Finistère, passionate and self-taught, she offers sustainable cuisine (seasonal, local, organic or from sustainable agriculture).

Minimalist, market-returned cuisine with Breton and Asian flavors.


You can follow Anne on @le.fermont

Photo taken by Chloé GIRE: @chlotidien