Our 3 powders: matcha tea, chocolate and golden latte with CBD

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    A box containing our 3 CBD powders to make delicious drinks!

    RITUAL, your new relaxing tea with multiple benefits

    The crushed leaves of matcha tea are renowned as a “superfood”, thanks to its multiple health benefits:

    • Rich in natural theanine, it helps with concentration, memory and improves mood. It is a gentle long-lasting energizer (and not a stimulant like coffee could be)
    • Rich in antioxidants, it fights against aging and strengthens the immune system
    • Rich in chlorophyll, it helps eliminate toxins

    More details on the RITUAL product sheet: here

    DOUCEUR, a delicate organic cocoa powder enriched with CBD, to transform your hot or cold drinks into a sweet, gourmet and relaxing moment.

    Huages ​​cocoa powder comes from Criollo cocoa beans, a very noble and refined variety with an intense taste and very rich in nutrients. Cocoa has multiple benefits: stimulation of good mood, regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol, improvement of cognitive abilities, strengthening of the immune system... Combined with CBD it is the ideal combination to remove stress from our daily.

    More details on the DOUCEUR product sheet: here

    TRADITION, the new Golden Latte with adaptogenic plants inspired by Ayurvedic medicine and CBD.

    The golden latte, or golden milk, is an ancestral Ayurvedic drink with multiple virtues. Mainly composed of turmeric root, which gives it this golden color, it is consumed to help fight inflammation and oxidation, detoxify the liver or promote digestion.

    Alongside Gûrhu, we imagined TRADITION, a soothing and beneficial golden latte, which combines the powers of ashwagandha, an adaptogenic plant from Ayurveda, with those of CBD.

    More details on the TRADITION product sheet : here

    How to prepare our drinks?

    Our drinks are prepared by diluting half a spoon to a teaspoon of powder in a cup of hot milk or hot water with a splash of milk at your convenience. The presence of a fatty substance such as milk allows for the proper absorption of CBD and therefore optimizes its relaxing effect.

    Composition :

    RITUAL - Matcha Tea with CBD:

    - Crushed Matcha Tea Leaves
    - Hemp Extract (pure CBD isolate: 75mg)

    30g net jar

    SWEETNESS - CBD chocolate powder:

    - ORGANIC cocoa powder from fair trade Criollo cocoa beans from Peru
    - Hemp Extract (pure CBD isolate: 75mg)

    30g net jar

    TRADITION - Golden Latte with CBD:

    Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Lucuma, Cinnamon, Ginger
    - Hemp Extract (pure CBD isolate: 75mg)

    50g net pot

    Made in France, based on 100% natural medicinal plants from organic farming.


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    Our powders are also used in many cooking recipes